Robert Gober

September 24, 1992–June 20, 1993, Dia Chelsea


Robert Gober’s mise-en-scène installation presented viewers with a darkened hallway; a closed door and a light-filled archway lay just beyond the gallery entrance. This site-specific installation was the artist’s most immersive to date. Woodland scenery camouflaged the walls beyond the illuminated archway, newspapers collected in sagging stacks, and sinks endlessly spouted water. This fabricated environment, sprinkled with iconic sculptural elements of Gober’s oeuvre, was his most monumental exhibition to date. The dizzying climate was both intriguing and disturbing, resembling a stage set caught between idyllic landscape and threatening enclosure. An accompanying book was published by Dia with texts by Dave Hickey.


Robert Gober

Robert Gober was born in Wallingford, Connecticut, in 1954. He lives and works in New York City.

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Photo: Don Stahl

Robert Gober

This book documents the site-specific project by Robert Gober at Dia Center for the Arts in 1992–93.

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