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Abraham Cruzvillegas

August 2021, Artist Playlists

About the Playlist

Abraham Cruzvillegas

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I frequently imagine soundtracks for everyday activities, wondering what music should accompany a subway transfer, the minutes spent purchasing flowers, an unexpected encounter with someone who claims to be your childhood friend, a quick calligraphic drawing of a large ape, or a museum visit.

This game presented a challenge during my first visit to Dia Beacon, New York. While wandering through the galleries and around the works, I was flooded with memories of music. Diverse and contradictory sounds started to silently become part of my understanding of works that I had previously seen in art catalogues and magazines.

Mentally, I began taking notes of unexpected links between sculptures and symphonies, cumbias, rumbas, ballads, punk, ranchera, soul, techno, samba, hip hop, son huasteco, country, bolero, reggae, industrial, and many other styles. I smiled throughout the visit.

At that time, I was also invited to talk about one of the works in Dia Art Foundation’s collection as part of the Artists on Artists Lecture Series and was allowed to stay in their SoHo apartment. Sleeping beside Walter De Maria’s The New York Earth Room (1977), I was reminded of the voice of my grandmother, Helena.

For this selection of music, I have created a soundtrack for some of the works in Dia’s collection, including several not currently on view in Beacon. I initially tried to follow strict subjective and personal criteria, like only choosing works made in the year that I was born: 1968. But that process was ridiculously limiting, as I love many works produced in other moments.

So, I decided to go further, arbitrarily pairing one song with one artwork without reason. I selected titles, stories, references, contexts, and other delirious and goofy links to create new connections.

All musical pieces in this list are longtime favorites. In my silly game, the songs keep changing and exchanging every time that I think about or visit Dia Beacon, a favorite place of mine. 

Playlist and Artwork References

  1. Mario y sus Diamantes,“El cable” / Fred Sandback, Untitled (from Ten Vertical Constructions), 1977–79
  2. Led Zeppelin, “Stairway to Heaven” / Walter De Maria, The Lightning Field, 1977
  3. Los Mirlos, “La cumbia de los pajaritos” / Louise Lawler, Birdcalls, 1972/1981
  4. The Rolling Stones, “Get off My Cloud” / Robert Morris, Untitled (Cloud), 1962
  5. Rigo Tovar, “No son palabritas” / Lawrence Weiner, Statement of Intent, 1969
  6. Los Saicos, “Demolición” / Robert Smithson, Map of Broken Glass (Atlantis), 1969
  7. Julián Carrillo and Jimena Giménez Cacho, “Sonata 5: II. Allegro vivo” / Alighiero e Boetti, Ammazzare il tempo, 1978
  8. Ultravox, “Alles Klar” / Charlotte Posenenske, Reliefs Serie B (Series B Reliefs), 1967/2008–11
  9. Joe Arroyo, “Mary” / John Chamberlain, Joe and Mary, 1973
  10. El Agujetas, “Siguiriyas de las grandes penas” / Louise Bourgeois, Hanging Janus with Jacket, 1968
  11. Los Camperos de Valles, “El Sacamandú” / Dorothea Rockburne, Domain of the Variable, 1972/2018
  12. Soda Stereo, “Persiana americana” / Agnes Martin, Window, 1957
  13. Piper Pimienta, “Las Caleñas” / Dan Flavin, untitled, 1976
  14. The Animals, “The House of the Rising Sun” / Nancy Holt, Sun Tunnels, 1973–76
  15. Javier Solís, “Sombras” / Andy Warhol, Shadows, 1978–79
  16. Nancy Sinatra, “In My Room” / Imi Knoebel, Raum 19 (Room 19), 1968
  17. Serge Gainsbourg, “Couleur café” / Meg Webster, Copper Containing Salt, 1990
  18. Throbbing Gristle, “Six Six Sixties” / On Kawara, JUNE 16, 1966 (from Today, 1966–2013), 1966
  19. Toña La Negra, “Humo en los ojos” / Mary Corse, Untitled (Black Earth Series), 1978
  20. The Slits, “Instant Hit” / Keith Sonnier, In Between, 1968
  21. Fuerza Régida, “Grafiteando paredes” / Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing #1085: Drawing Series—Composite, Part I–IV, #1–24, A+B, 1968
  22. The White Stripes, “I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself” / Blinky Palermo, Winkel rot/weiss (Angle red/white), 1965
  23. Justin Hinds, “Here I Stand” / Carl Andre, Redoubt, 1977
  24. Hampus Lindwall, “Stop Chords” / Bridget Riley, Straight Curve, 1963
  25. Chico Buarque, “Construção” / Kishio Suga, Diagonal Phase, 1969/2012
  26. Carol Cool, “Upside Down” / Michael Heizer, North, East, South, West, 1967/2002
  27. Daft Punk, “Giorgio by Moroder” / Richard Serra, Elevational Wedge, 2001
  28. The New York Dolls, “Personality Crisis” / Robert Ryman, The Paradoxical Absolute, 1958
  29. Gustav Mahler, Sinfonie Nr. 1. “Titan” / Anne Truitt, Echo, 1973
  30. Gary Numan, “Observer” / Bruce Nauman, Mapping the Studio I (Fat Chance John Cage), 2001
  31. Caravaggio, “Encerclés” / Lee Ufan, Relatum, 1974/2019
  32. Young MC, “Bust a Move” / Franz Erhard Walther, 1. Werksatz (First Work Set), 1963–69/2010
  33. Ramón Ayala y sus Bravos del Norte, “Un puño de tierra” / Michelle Stuart, Sayreville Strata Quartet, 1976
  34. Cat Power, “Manhattan” / Max Neuhaus, Times Square, 1977/2002
  35. Culture Club, “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” / Joseph Beuys, Fond III/3, 1979
  36. Ismael Rivera, “El difícil fácil” / Charles Gaines, Shadows series, 1978–80
  37. Les Rita Mitsouko, “C’est comme ça” / Dan Graham, Rooftop Urban Park Project/Two-Way Mirror Cylinder Inside Cube, 1981/1991
  38. The Fibonacci Sequence, “Book of Hours” / Mario Merz, Tavola a spirale (Spiral Table), 1982
  39. Óscar Chávez, “Petróleo” / Bernd and Hilla Becher, Detail of Petrochemical Plant, Wesseling near Cologne, Germany, 1992
  40. The Clash, “Rebel Waltz” / François Morellet, No End Neon, 1990/2017
  41. Michael Jackson, “Man in the Mirror” / Gerhard Richter, Six Gray Mirrors, 2003
  42. Mercedes Sosa, “Todo cambia” / Joan Jonas, The Shape, the Scent, the Feel of Things, 2004
  43. The Replacements, “I’ll Be You” / Vera Lutter, Studio, IX: November 5 - December 15, 2003, 2003
  44. Aretha Franklin, “Think” / Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, chronotopes & dioramas, 2009
  45. Alison Krauss & Robert Plant, “Please Read the Letter” / Jean-Luc Moulène, Monochromes/Samples 2, 2011
  46. Prince, “17 days” / Roni Horn, Post Work III, 1986–87
  47. Patti Smith, “Redondo Beach” / Robert Irwin, Untitled, 1965–67

—Abraham Cruzvillegas



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