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It Goes, It Goes: James Schuyler Centenary Celebration

Dia Chelsea, November 4, 2023

Saturday, November 4, 2023
5 pm

Dia Chelsea 
537 West 22nd Street 
New York, New York 

In an untitled poem from 1972, James Schuyler writes, “This / beauty that collects / dry leaves in pools / and pockets and goes / freezingly, just able / still to swiftly flow / it goes, it goes.” As part of the centenary celebration of Schuyler's work and legacy, please join the Poetry Project and Dia—the latter of which hosted Schuyler’s legendary first reading in 1988—for an evening in praise of the beloved poet. This event features readings by Wayne Koestenbaum, Chad Morgan, Eileen Myles, Funto Omojola, Tony Towle, Teline Trần, and will be hosted by Simon Pettet.

It Goes, It Goes is presented as part of a three-day celebration of James Schuyler’s birthday with events at New York University (NYU), Dia Chelsea, and the Poetry Project. With thanks to our sponsors: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Turtle Point Press, and the Modern and Contemporary Colloquium and Some Contemporary Poetries at NYU.

Audio: It Goes, It Goes: James Schuyler Centenary Celebration, Audio

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