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Maria Nordman

September 22, 1990–June 21, 1991, Dia Chelsea


Maria Nordman’s inaugural New York exhibition featured architectural sculpture and drawing. Freestanding and table-mounted wooden crates contained sliding panels for visitors to pull out and examine. Within each panel, prints and drawings detailed expressive colorful forms and architectural musings. The works were minimal yet expressive, offering insight into Nordman’s well-crafted artistic practice.

In partnership with Public Art Fund and the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, Maria Nordman created a temporary structure in the Doris C. Freedman Plaza of Central Park. The structure was fabricated by Japanese master carpenter Makoto Imai, using white-and-red Oregon cedar. Nordman drew inspiration from the meditative nature of Central Park to prompt a dialogue between public and private space. The house-like architecture of the installation provided viewers with a covered environment to sit and reflect privately in the midst of the city’s chaos.


Maria Nordman

Maria Nordman was born in Görlitz, Germany, in 1943. She lives and works in California.

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