Photo: Don Stahl

Photo: Don Stahl

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Visual Display: Culture Beyond Appearances (Discussions in Contemporary Culture #10)


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This richly illustrated anthology presents essays by scholars, historians, cultural critics, and curators, who examine a broad range of subjects, such as sci-fi filmmaking, modern medical imaging, tourist art, politico-economic charting, eighteenth-century cabinets of curiosity, and museology, but they share a focus on cultural presentation as historical testimony. Includes essays by Stephen Bann, Scott Bukatman, Lisa Cartwright, Ludmilla Jordanova, Susan Buck-Morss, Ralph Rugoff, Susan Stewart, and others.

Publication Details

Dia Art Foundation and The New Press
Publication date
352 pages
6 x 8.5 inches
Publication credits
Edited by Lynne Cooke and Peter Wollen. Texts by Edward Ball, Stephen Bann, Susan Buck-Morss, Scott Bukatman, Lisa Cartwright, Ludmilla Jordanova, Jean-Hubert Martin, Ann Reynolds, Ralph Rugoff, Eric Santner, Susan Stewart, Marina Warner, and Peter Wollen

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