Photo: Don Stahl

Photo: Don Stahl

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Hanne Darboven: Opus 17A (audio CD)


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Hanne Darboven's Opus 17A is a work for double bass that the artist composed immediately after finishing Kulturgeschichte 1880–1983, 1980–83. It was first performed at the opening of Darboven's exhibition at Dia on Wednesday, May 1, 1996. Performed by Robert Black. Produced by Jonathan Bepler. Recorded at Aardvark Studio.

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Dia Art Foundation
Publication date
Audio CD
Compact disc, 70 minutes; color booklet
70 min.
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Hanne Darboven

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Hanne Darboven

Hanne Darboven was born in Munich, Germany, in 1941. She died in Hamburg, Germany, in 2009.

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