Tuesdays on the Terrace

Video program: Cosmopolitan Barcelona, selected shorts

June 24, 2008, 8:30 PM, Dia at the Hispanic Society

Dia at the Hispanic Society
Broadway between 155th and 156th Streets
New York City

This final event in the series examines the diversity of practices of seven young artists working in video and based in Barcelona. Includes recent works by artists Luz Broto Lema, Carles Congost, Ana García Pineda, Julia Montilla, Liz K. Peñuela, Mireia C. Saladrigues, and Ignacio Uriarte. While the artists included in this program use distinct approaches to video, they share an engagement with language: the codes and signs of spoken and written text; conversation and interview as artistic technique; and the lexicons of pop (television and music), classic cinema, and theater.

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