Jessica Stockholder: Your Skin in this Weather Bourne Eye-Threads and Swollen Perfume

October 5, 1995–June 23, 1996, Dia Chelsea



Jessica Stockholder's highly improvised free-form installation incorporates a brilliant, often lyrical palette and a diverse range of materials and found objects. As she notes, “My work often arrives in the world like an idea arrives in your mind. You don’t quite know where it came from or when it got put together, nevertheless it’s possible to take it apart and see that it has an internal logic.” This installation magnifies Stockholder’s fascination with perceptual, visceral, and somatic experiences based in change, relativity, and variation. 


Jessica Stockholder

Jessica Stockholder was born in Seattle in 1959. She lives and works in New York City.

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Photo: Ethan Harrison

Jessica Stockholder: Your Skin in This Weather Bourne Eye-Threads and Swollen Perfume

Documenting an installation by Jessica Stockholder. Richly illustrated, including a pop-up collage by Stockholder.

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