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Twenty-seven years of commissioning projects for the web

Abbas and Abou-Rahme, Postscript: after everything is extracted, part of May amnesia never kiss us o

May amnesia never kiss us on the mouth

Part II Launched March 5, 2022 Read more

Nick Mauss and Ken Okiishi, Poetry as not, with singing

Nick Mauss and Ken Okiishi, Poetry as not, with singing

Launch date: April 16, 2015 Read more

Iñaki Bonillas, Words and Photos

Iñaki Bonillas, Words and Photos

Launch date: June 12, 2014 Read more

Daniel Lefcourt, Modeler

Daniel Lefcourt, Modeler

Launch date: October 3, 2013 Read more

Laylah Ali, John Brown Song!

Laylah Ali, John Brown Song!

Launch date: June 20, 2013 Read more

Shannon Ebner, Language is Wild

Shannon Ebner, Language is Wild

Launch date: April 12, 2012 Read more

Sue Tompkins, My Kind Book

Sue Tompkins, My Kind Book

Launch date: December 8, 2011 Read more

Cecilia Edefalk, 24-Hour Venus

Cecilia Edefalk, 24-Hour Venus

Launch date: September 21, 2010 Read more


Lisi Raskin, Warning Warum

Launch date: November 13, 2009 Read more

Dorit Margreiter, alphabeth

Dorit Margreiter, alphabeth

Launch date: May 19, 2009 Read more

Liliana Porter: Rehearsal

Liliana Porter, Rehearsal

Launch date: November 6, 2008 Read more

Barbara Bloom, Half Full — Half Empty

Barbara Bloom, Half Full — Half Empty

Launch date: June 26, 2008 Read more

Rosa Barba: Vertiginous Mapping

Rosa Barba, Vertiginous Mapping

Launch date: May 29, 2008 Read more

Ezra Johnson, Wrestling with the Blob Beast

Ezra Johnson, Wrestling with the Blob Beast

Launch date: April 17, 2008 Read more

Wilfredo Prieto, A Moment of Silence

Wilfredo Prieto, A Moment of Silence

Launch date: June 30, 2007 Read more

Maja Bajevic: I Wish I Was Born in a Hollywood Movie

Maja Bajevic, I Wish I Was Born in a Hollywood Movie

Launch date: March 30, 2006 Read more


Dorothy Cross, FOXGLOVE: digitalis purpurea

Launch date: December 5, 2005 Read more

Ana Torfs, Approximations/Contradictions

Ana Torfs, Approximations/Contradictions

Launch date: December 2, 2004 Read more


Allen Ruppersberg: The New Five-Foot Shelf

Launch date: March 30, 2004 Read more

Marijke van Warmerdam, And then the chimney smokes

Marijke van Warmerdam: And then the chimney smokes

Launch date: October 30, 2003 Read more


Glenn Ligon, Annotations

Launch date: March 30, 2003 Read more

Olia Liliana and Dragan Espenschie,: Zombie + Mummy

Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied: Zombie + Mummy

Launch date: October 31, 2002 Read more

Jeanne Dunning, Tom Thumb: Notes Towards A Case History

Jeanne Dunning: Tom Thumb: Notes Towards A Case History

Launch date: May 16, 2002 Read more

James Buckhouse in collaboration with Holly Brubach: Tap

James Buckhouse in collaboration with Holly Brubach, Tap

Launch date: March 1, 2002 Read more

Shimabuku: Moon Rabbit

Shimabuku, Moon Rabbit

Launch date: October 11, 2001 Read more


Feng Mengbo: Phantom Tales

Launch date: June 14, 2001 Read more

claerbout (1)

David Claerbout: Present

Launch date: November 9, 2000 Read more

Stephen Vitiello, Tetrasomia

Stephen Vitiello, Tetrasomia

Launch date: September 14, 2000 Read more

simmons (1)

Gary Simmons, Wake

Launch date: February 16, 2000 Read more

Francis Alys, The Thief

Francis Alÿs, The Thief 

Launch date: March 11, 1999 Read more

Arturo Herrera, Almost Home

Arturo Herrera, Almost Home

Launch date: November 19, 1998 Read more

Diller + Scofidio, Refresh

Diller + Scofidio: Refresh

Launch date: October 1, 1998 Read more

lucas (1)

Kristin Lucas, Between a Rock and a Hard Drive

Launch date: August 13, 1998 Read more

closky (1)

Claude Closky: Do you want love or lust?

Launch date: December 11, 1997 Read more

rollins-kos (1)

Tim Rollins and K.O.S., Prometheus Bound

Launch date: September 18, 1997 Read more

Photograph of a woman wearing a shower cap and sitting in a garbage bag pulled up around her neck,  centered near the bottom of a large stripe of colors, red, yellow and blue, coming from the top of a white screen and widening near the bottom.

Cheryl Donegan, Studio Visit

Launch date: March 20, 1997 Read more

fenley (1)

Molissa Fenley, Latitudes

Launch date: November 14, 1996 Read more

hiller (1)

Susan Hiller, Dream Screens

Launch date: July 3, 1996 Read more


Komar + Melamid: The Most Wanted Paintings

Launch date: September 5, 1995 Read more

fantastic prayers

Tony Oursler, Constance DeJong, Stephen Vitiello: Fantastic Prayers

Launch date: March 31, 1995 Read more

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