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MV Carbon

September 2020, Dia Online

About the Playlist

Striatum by MV Carbon

mvcarbon · Striatum Out


This auditory experience opens up a sonic space in which the listener can visualize, letting their imagination lead the way toward a desired outcome. Each track in this collection is based on an intention, conceived to infiltrate the listener’s consciousness and allow their mind to drift toward the realms of belief, psychic imagery, and mental transparency.

Read the text and acknowledge whatever meaning you derive from it, then play the track. Find yourself a comfortable place to sit or lay, close your eyes, and give logic a rest. Allow yourself to explore the limits of psychological potential. Strands of consciousness metamorphosize as you travel through psychic phenomena—pain, joy, fear, belief, desire, and intention are recognized and decoded in multiple dimensions. Your sense of perception expands and eases your mind as the sound resonates.

Particle Stream
The observer's eye, naked
with oxygen and nitrogen;
violet, blue and yellow scatter.
Radiation deflects in one direction.
Sunsets in.

Listen to the track here

… gesticulating
bodies continue forever.
Water together, changing form.
Motion, notion;

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Toroidal space unfolds.
Conversion takes hold.
Shapes amalgamate,
semblance fluctuates.
Guises shift face,
flexing in space;
you begin to see the world through a new form.

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1011 Cells
Revamped cells sound,
as damaged fluctuations disperse.
Synthesis and preservation drive your carriage.
Hold tight to the reins of resilience.

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Dread Dissolver
Perception bending.
Mind cleansing.
Thought curvature.
Hologram nurturer.
Stars quilted
with integrity,
pressure free.

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a song to the stratosphere...
one mouth of the wormhole 
a substantial velocity
with respect to the other.

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Sleep Pattern
Wakefulness dissolves;
a passageway to the subconsciousness opens silently.
Mirror, bridge, arc, stream, dream.
Ease your ventral pallidum.
Slip from expectation; 
twist, sleep, scan
your circadian circuits. 

Listen to the track here

Deep Roots
and service 
the Ecosystem.
in the lower troposphere;
Our roots branch out.
We mingle
to The Core of the Earth. 

Listen to the track here

—MV Carbon


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