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Jerome Rothenberg Audio from Readings in Contemporary Poetry

Dia:Chelsea, April 8, 2013

This audio was recorded at Dia:Chelsea on April 8, 2013 as part of Dia's Readings in Contemporary Poetry series.

Jerome Rothenberg is an internationally acclaimed poet with over eighty published books including his seminal Technicians of the Sacred/ (University of California Press, 1968), and anthologies such as Poems for the Millennium, volumes 1-3, which were co-edited with Pierre Joris and Jeffrey Robinson (University of California Press, 1995, 1998, 2009). Recent books of poetry include Retrievals: Uncollected & New Poems 1955-2010 (Junction Press, 2011); Concealments & Caprichos (Black Widow Press, 2010) Gematria Complete (Marick Press, 2009) and Triptych (New Directions, 2007). He is currently organizing a global anthology of outsider and subterranean poetry. A Cruel Nirvana (SplitLevel Texts) and Eye of Witness: A Jerome Rothenberg Reader (Black Widow Press) are both forthcoming in 2013. Pierre Joris and Jerome Rothenberg read that evening.

To hear Vincent Katz's introduction to Jerome Rothenberg, please click here.

Video: Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris Video from Readings in Contemporary Poetry, Video

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