If You Lived Here . . . The City in Art, Theory, and Social Activism: A Project by Martha Rosler (Discussions in Contemporary Culture #6)

"This volume documents the present crisis in American urban housing politics and portrays how artists . . . within the context of neighborhood organizations, have fought against government neglect, shortsighted housing politics and unfettered real estate speculation. Through essays, photographs, symposiums, architectural plans and the reproduction of works from the series of exhibitions organized by [Martha] Rosler, the book serves a number of functions: it's a practical manual for community organizing; a history of housing and homelessness in New York City and around the country; and an outline of what a humane housing policy might encompass for the American city."
–Publishers Weekly

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Dia Art Foundation and Bay Press, Seattle
6 x 9 in.
312 pages
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Edited by Brian Wallis


Contributions by Marshall Berman, Christine Benglia Bevington, Marie Annick Brown, Andrew Byard, Cenén, the Chinatown History Project, Clinton Coalition of Concern, Rosalyn Deutsche, Kai Erikson, Theresa Funiciello, Dan Graham and Robin Hurst, Alexander Kluge, the Mad Housers, Peter Marcuse, Tony Masso, Richard Plunz, William Price Yvonne Rainer, Mel Rosenthal, Martha Rosler, Allan Sekula, Camilo José Vergara, and Dan Wiley.


Martha Rosler