Robert Whitman

Robert Whitman: Playback

March 5, 2003 - January 11, 2004

<p>Robert Whitman. <i>Shower</i>, 1964. <br />Photo: Howard Agriesti.</p>

Robert Whitman. Shower, 1964.
Photo: Howard Agriesti.




Robert Whitman: Playback

  • Text by David Joselit, George Baker, Ben Portis and Lynne Cooke

  • ISBN: 9780944521465

  • 206 pages

  • 2003

  • Buy at

"Due to the unusual ephemeral nature of most of Whitman's oeuvre, relatively little of it is easily accessible to us today; Playback has therefore involved the artist extensively in restoring and reconstructing works. The exhibition and the book are the product of a six-year effort, some of it nearly archaeological, to rehabilitate aged film and outdated equipment into an exhibitable form as the artist intended it." This book comes with a DVD including The American Moon, Flower, Prune Flat, and an interview with the artist as well as commentary on the films.

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