Jorge Pardo and Gilberto Zorio

Jorge Pardo and Gilberto Zorio: Reverb

September 19, 2001 - June 16, 2002

<p>Jorge Pardo and Gilberto Zorio. <i>Reverb</i>. Photo: Cathy Carver. </p>

Jorge Pardo and Gilberto Zorio. Reverb. Photo: Cathy Carver.


"Reverb" is the intriguing result of a dialogue between American artist Jorge Pardo and Italian sculptor Gilberto Zorio. Interwoven into Project (2000) - Pardo's redesign of Dia's bookshop, lobby, and gallery - and partially enveloped by his new monumental curtain is Microfoni, a sound work first created by Zorio in 1969.



1. Jorge Pardo, Project, 2000
3 parts: lobby, bookshop, gallery
overall dimensions: 108 x 108 feet
Commissioned by Dia Center for the Arts, 1998

2. Jorge Pardo, Curtain, 2001
500 yards x 8 feet
silkscreen fabric, aluminum track

3. Gilberto Zorio, Microfoni, 1968-1969
remade 2001
microphones, concrete blocks, and rope
dimensions variable
Collection Sonnabend Gallery, New York

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