Franz Erhard Walther

Franz Erhard Walther, Work as Action

October 2, 2010 - February 13, 2012

<p>Franz Erhard Walther,<i> Wand-Ecken II</i>, 1963.  Photo: David Allison. </p>

Franz Erhard Walther, Wand-Ecken II, 1963. Photo: David Allison.


This presentation of works by Franz Erhard Walther will feature a selection of Handlungsstücke (Action Pieces) from the early 1960s, including the complete presentation of 1. Werksatz (First Work Set), 1963–69, from Dia's collection. Acquired in 1978, 1. Werksatz comprises fifty-eight fabric elements, or “instruments,” meant to be activated by visitors to the museum, drawing attention to the body as material form.



1 Fünfkissenform mit vier Bändern (Five Pillows with Four Bands), 1963
Muslin, fabric
Gisbert Seng Collection

2 Zwei Stoffrahmen, plastisch (Two Fabric Frames, Sculptural), 1963
Muslin, shredded fabric
Franz Erhard Walther Foundation

3 Zwei Ovale mit Taschen (Two Ovals with Pockets), 1963
Muslin, satin, foam
Gisbert Seng Collection

4 Versiegelter rosa Lackkarton (Sealed Pink Lacquer Box), 1963
Cardboard, muslin, lacquer
Courtesy Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris

5 Zwei Nesselkästen (Two Muslin Boxes), 1963
Cardboard, glue, muslin
Collection Suzanne Walther

6 Zweiseitig: Bild und Material (Double Sided: Image and Material), 1962
Paper, paste, glue
Gisbert Seng Collection

7 Drei breite Bänder (Three Broad Bands), 1963
Cotton, nails
Collection Alastair Cookson

8 Zwei rotbraune Samtkissen (gefüllt und leer)
(Two Reddish Brown Velvet Cushions [Filled and Empty])
, 1963
Fabric, velvet
Courtesy Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris

9 Papierskulptur (Paper Sculpture), 1962
Gisbert Seng Collection

10 Zwei kleine Quader – Gewichtung (Two Small Blocks—Weighting), 1963
Cardboard, canvas, glue, adhesive tape, plaster powder, resin
Franz Erhard Walther Foundation

11 Zwei Nesselpackungen, zwei Papierpackungen
(Two Pedestals for Hands [paper/muslin])
, 1962/1963
Cardboard, paper
Franz Erhard Walther Foundation

12 Zwei Stapel, 182 Teile (Two Stacks, 182 Parts), 1962/1963
Envelopes, paper, paste, metal, imprints
Franz Erhard Walther Foundation

13 Drei weiche rosa Lacktafeln (Three Soft Pink Lacquer Plates), 1963
Cardboard, glue, foam, muslin, Masonite, grounding paste, lacquer
Franz Erhard Walther Foundation

14 1. Werksatz (First Work Set), 1963–69/2010
Mixed media; Edition 10/10
Dia Art Foundation

15 New Yorker Buch (New York Book), 1967–73
Paper, hardboard, cardboard, linen strips, glue
Artnow International

16 Karton I (Cardboard I), 1963
Franz Erhard Walther Foundation

17 Karton II (Cardboard II), 1963
Franz Erhard Walther Foundation

18 Vier Faltdeckel (Four Pieces to Be Folded In), 1962/1963
Paper, cardboard, glue, tape
Franz Erhard Walther Foundation

19 Wand-Ecken II (Wall Corner II), 1963
Muslin, fabric
Collection of the artist

20 Papierfaltung I and II (Paperfolding I and II), 1962
Franz Erhard Walther Foundation

21 8 Nesselplatten (Eight Muslin Plates), 1963
Muslin, foam, resin
Franz Erhard Walther Foundation

22 Zwei Pappröhren (Verlegenheitsstück)
(Two Cardboard Rolls [Piece to Overcome Embarrassment])
, 1962
Cardboard, paper, glue
Courtesy Peter Freeman, Inc., New York

23 Zwei Gläser mit Reis (Two Jars with Rice), 1963
Glass, metal lid, varnish, rice
Courtesy Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris

24 Handbrett I (Handboard I), 1962/1963
cardboard, glue, muslin
Collection Suzanne Walther

25 Nesselkiste (Muslin Box), 1963
Corrugated board, glue strip, glue, untreated canvas
Private collection

26 Selection of 58 Werkzeichnungen (work drawings) corresponding to the elements of 1. Werksatz (First Work Set), 1963–69
Variable media
Courtesy Peter Freeman, Inc., New York; Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris; and Franz Erhard Walther Foundation

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