Gerhard Richter and Jorge Pardo

Gerhard Richter and Jorge Pardo: Refraction

September 5, 2002 - June 15, 2003

<p>Gerhard Richter and Jorge Pardo. <i>Refraction</i>. <br />Photo: Cathy Carver.</p>

Gerhard Richter and Jorge Pardo. Refraction.
Photo: Cathy Carver.


For Refraction, the second exhibition to be installed in Project, Jorge Pardo's 2000 renovation of Dia's first floor lobby, exhibition space, and bookshop, a focused selection of works by Gerhard Richter has been inserted into Pardo's vibrant environment. The basis for the exhibition is the artists' shared concern for issues of framing and representation and for the interplay of the work of art with its spatial context. Together, Richter's pieces and Pardo's environment mutually question and reflect upon each other.



Gerhard Richter

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Jorge Pardo

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