Agnes Martin

Agnes Martin: Homage to [a] Life: Paintings 1990-2004

April 6, 2007 - November 26, 2007

<p>Agnes Martin. <I>Homage to [a] Life</i>, 1990-2004. Photo: Bill Jacobson.</p>

Agnes Martin. Homage to [a] Life, 1990-2004. Photo: Bill Jacobson.


Spanning the years 1990-2004, the final installment in Dia’s five-part retrospective devoted to Agnes Martin’s oeuvre will include "Innocent Love," a suite commissioned by Dia in 1999, in addition to other paintings that also explore her long-standing preoccupation with states of innocence, joy, and happiness. Exceptional among these signature works from her final years are the anomalous "black" paintings informed by a more foreboding or disturbing tenor, they recall some of her first mature statements of the late 1950s.



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