Hanne Darboven

Hanne Darboven: Kulturgeschichte 1880-1983

March 28, 1996 - June 29, 1997

<p>Hanne Darboven. <i>Kulturgeschichte 1880-1983</i>. Installation view at Dia:Beacon. <br>
Photo credit: Cathy Carver.</p>

Hanne Darboven. Kulturgeschichte 1880-1983. Installation view at Dia:Beacon.
Photo credit: Cathy Carver.


This monumental work consists of 1,589 panels of uniform size and format. The work transcribes epochs of time and text into schematic, visual symbols, tracing one hundred years of history with images that include texts and vast numbers of photographs and postcards, many bearing handwritten notes and quotations.


Artist Biography

Hanne Darboven was born in Munich in 1941. Following a brief episode as a pianist, she studied painting at the Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Kunst, Hamburg. Between 1966 and 1969 she lived intermittently in New York City, then returned to her family home in Hamburg. Her first one-person show was at the Galerie Konrad Fischer, Düsseldorf, in 1967. Darboven has participated in many international exhibitions, including Documentas 5 (1972), 6 (1977), 7 (1982), and 11 (2002), in Kassel; the 1973 São Paulo Bienal; and the 1982 Venice Biennale. She also had numerous one-person shows in Europe and North America, including major presentations at the Ydessa Hendeles Foundation, Toronto, in 1991, the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, in 1997, and the Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt, in 1999. Dia first exhibited Kulturgeschichte 1880–1983 in New York City in 1996–97. Hanne Darboven died in March 2009 in Hamburg.

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